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Privacy Policy

PRIVACY: If you provide us, Hybrid Guitar World with personal information for any order, for blogs,  or to sign-up for our newsletter, we will use it to conduct the activity for which you specified. We may also infrequently send you a notice or announcement of our latest offerings. These instances will be respectful of your right to privacy and will include opt-out instructions. In the case of Affiliate Sales and Marketing, for Hybrid Guitar World, we may also use cookie technology to improve your experience of any of our advertising and banner products or services, including to remember your preferences, customize the content and advertisements that you see, or authenticate your access to your personal account information. Beyond these uses of proprietary information, we do not share, sell or use your personal information for any reason other than our in our ongoing desire to develop more effective outreach by demographic or geographical distinction; however, we will never ask for age, ethnicity or religious preference