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What is a Hybrid Guitar?

A hybrid guitar is an electric guitar with the ability to produce a signal with the tonal quality of an acoustic guitar in addition to a typical electric signal from a magnetic pickup, allowing a wide tonal palette. The signal from the two-pickup systems can be blended on board, or (sometimes on the same instrument) fed separately to two different effect and amplification lines.

Hybrid guitars typically use a piezoelectric pickup to generate the acoustic-like signal, the same type of pickup used in most electro-acoustic guitars. Such pickups can produce a reasonable facsimile of acoustic tone even in solid bodied instruments. Aftermarket piezo and soundhole humbucker pickups allow conventional electric guitars to be converted into hybrid guitars.

Examples of solid-body hybrid guitars include the Ovation VXT, Godin A6 Ultra, and Tom Anderson Crowdster Plus One and Two. Hollow-body hybrid guitars include the PRS Hollowbody II with piezo, PRS SE Hollowbody Piezo, Hamer Duotone, Carvin AE-185, Michael Kelly hybrids, Taylor T5, Epiphone Les Paul Ultra, Ibanez Montage, and Crafter SA. These resemble semi-acoustic guitars with additional piezo pickups. The Yamaha AEX1500 is a hybrid archtop guitar.