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Carr Slant 6V 2x12 Handwired Amp

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I have a very well cared for, un-gigged Carr Slant 6V 2x12 Hand Wired and Made In The USA Guitar Combo.

Completely serviced and retuned by a professional Amp Tech. Everything works as it should, no issues, zero disappointments. Also included: Carr Foot Switch, $85 Padded Amp Cover Custom made for the Carr Slant 6V 2x12. Excellent condition, no rips, tears, etc. Well cared for and kept in a clean, non-smoking environment.

The Slant 6V can be operated at half-power in cathode bias (18W) or fixed bias mode (22W), yielding tones reminiscent of early tweed and AC-style combos in cathode mode, and a punchier, more tightly defined sound in fixed bias mode. And at full power, the Slant 6V runs four 6V6 output tubes split in cathode and fixed bias pairs, placing every conceivable classic tube tone at your fingertips.

2002 Slant 6V 2x12 Combo

Two independent foot-switchable channels

Channel one: classic clean to blues grit with reverb
Channel two: sixties crunch to screaming sustain
Boost switch for extra gain in channel two
Three power modes: Full (40 watts), Half fixed bias (22 watts), and Half cathode bias (18watts)
5AR4 tube rectifier
4 6V6 output tubes
Selectable output impedance